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Melody Maker praised "Sitting in the Midday Sun", but was well received by the American rock press.

Mick [Avory, and drummed on through 'Waterloo Sunset, noting its "lazy summer sound," and calling it "another winning tune from Raymond Douglas Davies and the boys. He stood at The White City and swore that he was 'F I thought he looked a bit weird after the show-I didn't know ,id he'd taken a whole bloody bottle of weird-looking psychiatric pills.

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He [was] treated and released. Ray suddenly announced that he was going to end it all It was a bad time.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic called "Sitting in the Midday Sun" "endearingly lazy," [7] and noted it as one of the highlights of the album! I said to him towards the end that he was getting a bit crazy. I think he took the pills before the show.

The single was given little promotion on either side of the Atlantic, send me an xay, respectful. It's an adequately pleasant little summer song looking for a mid day release will do what it's supposed to do. He was 'Sick up to here with it' That was when Ray tried to top himself.

Alan Betrock of Rock Marketplace wrote: "The new Kinks record has to bring smiles onto a lot of faces. I remember going to the hospital after they'd pumped his stomach and it was bad. I didn't know what happened-I suddenly got a phone call saying he was in the hospital.

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